Tool library

Here you can define a list of tools that you use frequently. For every tool you specify the following parameters:

Parameter Meaning Default value Units
Name A name of the tool
Diameter Diameter of a milling tool 0.3 mm
Speed Value of speed parameter passed to the machine controller for milling operation (PWM width of control pulse in case of Cirqoid machines) 1390 ms
Feed XY Default feed on X and Y axes (speed with which tool moves during milling) 300 mm/min
Feed Z Default feed on Z axis (speed with which tool moves descending to working height) 200 mm/min
Arcs Feed for arcs specified as a percent from Feed XY 100 %
Z offset Z offset, which is used as a starting point in Z offset establishing procedure mm
Additional passes Number of additional passes around traces to increase the separation between trace and surrounding copper 0 times
Overlap Overlap in percents between additional passes 50 %
Pads only This option generates additional passes only around pads, leaving the traces themselves separated by a single pass only. This can save some time and make it for easier soldering. Not selected


Parameter Meaning Default value Units
Clearance Default value of clearance – the height above the board, the program uses to move the tool between traces 5 mm
Safety height Default value of safety height – the height above the board, where tool switches from rapid descend to feed on Z axis, when descending to working level 2 mm
Working height The depth of tool engagement in laminate -0.05 mm

All heights are specified in work coordinate system (i.e. taking into account Z offset).