Before you can begin using the cirQWizard, you need to specify several settings which are dependent on the particular machine you are using. Please note, that everywhere in the program coordinates and distances are specified in mm.

Using with Cirqoid machines

If you intend to use Cirqoid machine, you will only need to enter the parameters listed below in the Machine pane of the settings window:

Parameter Meaning
Y axis difference Difference between zero points of Y axes
Reference pin X X coordinate of lower left PCB registration pin
Reference pin Y Y coordinate of lower left PCB registration pin

These parameters are supplied with the machines.

You will also need to specify a serial port the machine is connected to in Application pane of Settings window. This is dependent on your computer configuration.

Using with other machines

If you are using a CNC machine, other than Cirqoid, you will need to go through application settings and specify the values appropriate for the machine you are going to use. Please refer to Settings sections of documentation for further information.