Import settings include the following parameters:


Excellon standard (used for drilling files) specifies neither the units to be used nor the format of the numbers in the file. Thus, the same units and formats need to be used for both export from EDA and import into cirQWizard. These settings allow to specify the units and the format used to create the Excellon file.

Parameter Meaning Default value
Excellon integer places Number of integer places in coordinates 2
Excellon decimal places Number of decimal places in coordinates 4
Excellon units Units in which coordinates are specified inches

Pick and place

Pick and place (also known as centroid or assembly files) are even worse than Excellon – there’s no standard whatsoever. cirQWizard supports pick and place files generated by a number of popular EDAs. If your EDA is not available, post an example file in our Google Groups forum we’ll add it to the supported list in no time.

Parameter Meaning Default value
File format The name of the EDA software that was used to generate pick and place file Eagle
Angle offset Angle added to all of the components to be placed. It can be helpful, if component patters are laid out using another orientation convention 0 degrees
Units Units for coordinates in the pick and place file Millimeters