Flashing firmware

To flash a new firmware to machine’s controller, click on Flash firmware link on the first screen of cirQWizard:

On the next screen you need to select a firmware file and press Flash button. Firmware files have .bin extension.

After Flash button is pressed, progress indicator will appear displaying status and progress of flashing process. It is important to let this process finish, without interrupting it, closing the application or disconnecting the machine. Interrupting the process will leave the machine without firmware.

Repairing firmware

If a machine was flashed with unsupported or otherwise defective firmware, or previous flashing attempt did not end successfully, machine may become unresponsive and stop responding to commands, that put it into firmware flashing mode. In this case the machine needs to be placed in “Unbrick mode” by pressing a corresponding button (refer to your machine manual). Then, in addition to actions described above, select Unbrick mode check box.