Panel represents a piece of a blank PCB laminate that you are going to use. It can contain one or several boards on a panel.

Panel is saved in a file with .cxml extension. The file references gerber files with the boards located on the panel. Thus, if gerber files are moved or modified, integrity of a panel layout can be compromised. Panel is saved in a file with .cxml extension.

Creating empty panel

There are two ways to create a panel. Empty panel can be created by clicking on a Create panel link on the first screen of cirQWizard:

In this case, the application asks where to save panel file.

Creating a panel from a gerber file

Another possibility is to open a gerber file for either top or bottom layer of the board to be produced.

When this option is used, the panel file is automatically saved in the same folder as the specified gerber file with the name matching the gerber file name.