Bug squashing never stops! We’ve just got rid of some more of them:


  • [CQ-191] – Excellon parser incorrectly handles omitted zeroes
  • [CQ-192] – Incorrect board dimensions calculation
  • [CQ-193] – Incorrect default for Move height parameter in PP
  • [CQ-195] – Outline generation algorithm doesn't take into account drilling hole diameter


  • [CQ-194] – Keep out area around locating pins

Another bug squashed – CQ-188 One by one, they’ll be all gone!

Version 1.6.6 is another bug-fixing release, addressing an issue with centroid file formats, bug CQ-187, to be specific.

Hot on the heels of version 1.6.4, another bug-fixing release taking care of bugs CQ-185 and CQ-186 Enjoy!

Contour milling tool paths optimization introduced in version 1.5.12, sometimes seems to come up with solutions which are far worse than original non-optimized paths. Version 1.6.4 now checks if optimization actually resulted in improved milling time and applies the results only in this case.

Another quick fix of a bug in Excellon parser (CQ-183), they seem to be coming in swarms…

This version fixes a couple of bugs introduced in a previous release.

The release notes are below:


  • [CQ-178] – Dispensing and rubout features don't work
  • [CQ-179] – Excellon import settings don't work