This is the first release candidate of version 2.0. The main focus was on improving tool path generation algorithms. Both isolation milling and rub out tool paths are now much more coherent and take way less time to be generated.

This version also changes the way cirQWizard communicates with the controller. Thus, it requires update of Cirqoid’s firmware to version 0.3.×. Keep in mind, that firmware 0.3.x won’t be compatible with previous versions of cirQWizard (though it’s still possible to downgrade firmware if you want to go back to the previous version).

Recommended update procedure is to update the firmware first and then proceed with cirQWizard’s update.

Also, as the name suggests – this is a release candidate. It’s quite possible some bugs are still there. If you happen to stumble upon one of them, drop us a note and will take care of that. The best place for dropping that note is cirQWizard’s forum.