Version 1.8.2 fixes a rare issue with parsing of KiCad generated gerber files

Version 1.8.1 adds a new feature, which comes handy when working with aluminium core laminates – it allows to mill the contour of the board in several passes (along the Z axis). There’s a new parameter Max step in Contour milling settings – it specifies how deep the end mill can go in one pass. Code generator will then generate as many passes as needed to reach the specified Z level. Default value of 0 means the entire depth is milled in one pass.

This version resolves a bug, which would cause spindle to move in all three axes in once after milling operation was stopped. Also, X travel range restored to its normal values (it has been broken along the way).

Version 2.0.0-RC5 includes all the new features and bug fixes from the stable branch version 1.8.0, plus fixes a couple of bugs related to tool path generation introduced in the 2.0.x branch.

Version 1.8.0 comes with a brand new setup wizard, which helps to go through the necessary settings for the first setup of the program.

It also has included isolation milling tool library with all the default tools and their respective feeds and speeds.

As usually, we’ve squashed a bug or two along the way.

Release candidate 4 improves controller and gcode error handling. In addition, it includes all the good stuff of the stable branch up to version 1.7.11

This version addresses dispensing tool paths generation on pads defined using aperture macros

The new release candidate fixes a communication problem that some of our Windows users experienced. We’ll follow up with some UI improvements shortly and version 2.0 will graduate to release.

First release of 2018, version 1.7.10 comes with some optimizations in rub out generation algorithm. It’s no match to the rub out in release candidate of version 2.0, but still a welcome improvement for those, who aren’t ready for version 2.0

This version takes care of the bug, which was unintentionally introduced in version 1.7.6 – under certain circumstances Y offset was not calculated and this lead to Run button being disabled on milling and drilling screens.