Another bug squashed – CQ-188 One by one, they’ll be all gone!

Version 1.6.6 is another bug-fixing release, addressing an issue with centroid file formats, bug CQ-187, to be specific.

Hot on the heels of version 1.6.4, another bug-fixing release taking care of bugs CQ-185 and CQ-186 Enjoy!

Contour milling tool paths optimization introduced in version 1.5.12, sometimes seems to come up with solutions which are far worse than original non-optimized paths. Version 1.6.4 now checks if optimization actually resulted in improved milling time and applies the results only in this case.

Another quick fix of a bug in Excellon parser (CQ-183), they seem to be coming in swarms…

This version fixes a couple of bugs introduced in a previous release.

The release notes are below:


  • [CQ-178] – Dispensing and rubout features don't work
  • [CQ-179] – Excellon import settings don't work

This version introduces a new feature – panels. Panels allow to place more than one board on the laminate. Preview also provides better feedback on the exact location of the boards with respect to the edges of the laminate and registration pins. Check out the updated documentation!

This version addresses an issue, which was causing cirQWizard to crash on Windows 10 under certain circumstances. Releases for other operating systems are not changed, comparing to the version 1.5.12.