This version fixes another Excellon parsing bug, which was introduced in one of the previous versions – CQ-204

Version 1.7.2 adds a possibility to override default setting for leading/trailing zeros omission – Excellon format allows to omit either leading or trailing zeros in the coordinates, but does not require to specify which ones were omitted. Inevitably, different EDAs approach this differently.

This new setting can be found in Settings → Import, under Excellon tab

Previous version came out rather beefy, so in this version we shaved down some excess weight. We also squashed a couple of bugs, while we were at it:

Release Notes – cirQWizard – Version 1.7.1


  • [CQ-199] – Single quadrant arcs are not parsed correctly
  • [CQ-201] – Outline macro are not properly displayed


  • [CQ-197] – Optimize release size

Bug squashing never stops! We’ve just got rid of some more of them:


  • [CQ-191] – Excellon parser incorrectly handles omitted zeroes
  • [CQ-192] – Incorrect board dimensions calculation
  • [CQ-193] – Incorrect default for Move height parameter in PP
  • [CQ-195] – Outline generation algorithm doesn't take into account drilling hole diameter


  • [CQ-194] – Keep out area around locating pins

Another bug squashed – CQ-188 One by one, they’ll be all gone!

Version 1.6.6 is another bug-fixing release, addressing an issue with centroid file formats, bug CQ-187, to be specific.

Hot on the heels of version 1.6.4, another bug-fixing release taking care of bugs CQ-185 and CQ-186 Enjoy!

Contour milling tool paths optimization introduced in version 1.5.12, sometimes seems to come up with solutions which are far worse than original non-optimized paths. Version 1.6.4 now checks if optimization actually resulted in improved milling time and applies the results only in this case.