Latest stable version – 1.8.2

OS Download
Mac OS X cirqwizard-1.8.2.dmg
Windows 32-bit cirqwizard-1.8.2-x86.exe
Windows 64-bit cirqwizard-1.8.2-x64.exe
Linux 32-bit cirqwizard-1.8.2-x86.deb
Linux 64-bit cirqwizard-1.8.2-x64.deb

Release candidate of version 2.0

A release candidate version of release 2.0 is now available for download. There were a lot of changes under the hood, so it’s possible not all the bugs were squashed.

This version requires an update of Cirqoid’s firmware to version 0.3.×. It’s better to update the firmware before updating cirQWizard.

OS Download
Mac OS X cirqwizard-2.0.0-RC6.dmg
Windows 32-bit cirqwizard-2.0.0-RC6-x86.exe
Windows 64-bit cirqwizard-2.0.0-RC6-x64.exe
Linux 32-bit cirqwizard-2.0.0-RC6-x86.deb
Linux 64-bit cirqwizard-2.0.0-RC6-x64.deb

A note for our Windows users – in certain cases, the installation of a new version over the previous one may fail. It’s not exactly clear what causes that. While we are figuring this out, if this happens to you, uninstalling the previous version and deleting the folder AppData\Local\cirQWizard in your home directory should allow you to install the newest version.

Source code

The source code is available at git repository here:

To get yourself the latest version of source code clone it with the following command:

git clone

The code is provided on GPL v3 license basis.

The easiest way to build sources is to use supplied gradle wrapper:

./gradlew build

and to run the application:

./gradlew run

The recommended Java version is 1.8.0_151. Source code uses Java 8 language features, so it won’t compile on anything lower than 1.8.