This version addresses user interface usability issues which were raised by our users. It rearranges controls in a way that keeps intuitive step-by-step wizard approach appreciated by those who are just getting their feet wet in PCB milling, but allows for greater flexibility required by more experienced users.

So, the major new features are:

  • Breadcrumb bar navigation, allowing for direct jumps between application screens (no more Go back, Go back, Go back clicking to get to the screen you want to return to)
  • Manual control popover accessible from every screen of application, allowing to move machine’s axes as you please
  • Predefined locations – in addition to already existing Far away, there’s now also Tool change location. Both of them with all three coordinates: X, Y and Z.
  • Settings popover accessible from operations screens – you can now change all the settings related to the operation you are currently performing right from the operation screen. No need to go back to settings anymore to change additional passes overlap or pre-feed delay!

This version has also seen major code refactoring, paving a way for new exciting features, which were held back by growing code complexity.