Version 1.3.1 is mostly a bug fix release. Here is the list of things fixed in this version:


  • [CQ-17] – Exception on start up when using autodetect
  • [CQ-30] – Select all command on drilling screen selects holes irrespective of their diameter
  • [CQ-77] – Tabbing out of "Tool diameter" on machining screen doesn't trigger regeneration
  • [CQ-85] – Tool paths cache invalidation is inconsistent
  • [CQ-90] – Tool paths not regenerated when changing number of passes
  • [CQ-93] – NPE in SerialInterfaceFactory.getSerialInterfaces()
  • [CQ-96] – Empty lines in excellon file cause parser to fail


  • [CQ-70] – Better visibility for "Go" button on machining screen
  • [CQ-91] – Relabel "Lower & Test" button


  • [CQ-95] – Add target that runs the application to the build.xml