cirQWizard – Gerber to GCode converter and much more

cirQWizard is a cross-platform open source software designed to control PCB prototyping machines. It’s much more than Gerber to GCode converter – it generates GCode, controls the machine and guides a user through the processes of:

  • insulation milling
  • holes drilling
  • contour milling
  • solder paste dispensing
  • SMD components placement

Compatible machines

As it is, it’s perfectly matched to work with Cirqoid machines. But, being open source and having modular architecture, can be adapted to any machine of your choice. Downloadable binaries for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows! Supports all EDAs capable of exporting Gerber and Excellon files.

What exactly can it do?

Check out illustrated features list!

Where can I get it?

See our Downloads section to find out where to get sources and binaries of the latest cirQWizard version.

What if I have a question?

Visit our Forum page to find our how to get in touch with us.